Saturday, December 12, 2009

Follow the Free Wind - Leigh Brackett

Follow the Free Wind, (1963, Leigh Brackett, Doubleday, $2.95, 215pp, hc) Cover: Ray Houlihan
Follow the Free Wind, (Jun 1974, Leigh Brackett, Ballantine, 0-345-24013-8, $1.25, 213pp, pb) Cover: Frank C. McCarthy

There's also a Large Print version from 2002 from Center Point Pub. (the one I read).

This won the Western Writers of America award.

A novelised version of the life of James Beckwourth, an half-breed that got into more adventures than you could imagine. Born just before the start of the 19th century, he got to live through the expansion west and more up into the 1860s.

A trailblazer with a general, a mountain man, after helping out the general's money man, a beaver trapper, a Crow warchief, running shops and trading posts, and an army scout.

Not to mention a horse thief, warrior and more. In fact, you would have been hard pressed to completely make all this up.

Towards the ends of the novel a journalist comes looking for him, wanting to recount his story, as other famous adventurers such as Kit Carson had books that sold well.

Looking it up, this book came out of these discussions:The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout, Pioneer and Chief of the Crow Nation by Thomas Bonner.

3.5 out of 5

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