Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lorelei Of the Red Mist - Leigh Brackett


Number of words : 22000
Percent of complex words : 5.5
Average syllables per word : 1.4
Average words per sentence : 9.4


Fog : 5.9
Flesch : 80.5
Flesch-Kincaid : 4.4


Mountains Of White Cloud

Dangerous Venusian geography to flee over.

Crom Dhu

Faolan's city, under siege by Rann's forces.


Site of Conan's treachery, a cliff citadel.

Red Sea

Home of the sea shepherds, and the Source Life, a strange energy source, good for recharging dead men armies.


Hugh Starke

Criminal on the run, ends up in another body and a war.


Cruel, pale green haired ruler in ancient Venus. She has plans for Starke.


Outland Rover ruler and general, she is an opposer of Rann. Sister of Faolan. Name means Dagger-in-the-Sheath


Servant of Faolan.

Faolan of the Ships

Ruler of the Outland Rovers, now blind.


Ex-lover of Beudag and traitor. Starke now inhabits his body.


A dead man under the sea, betrayed by Conan.


A dead man under the sea, betrayed by Conan.


A dead man under the sea, betrayed by Conan.


A dead man under the sea, betrayed by Conan.


A dead man under the sea, betrayed by Conan.


A dead man under the sea, betrayed by Conan.


A sea-shepherd who gives Starke a suggestion.


Terro-Venus Mines Incorporated Special Police

Pursuers of Hugh Starke.

Outland Rovers

Faolan and Beudag's people.



Starke's ship.


High Venusian

A language.


Golden hounds

"Their eyes were huge, jewel-like in their slim sharp faces. They possessed four members that might have been legs and arms, retracted now against their narrowing bodies. Golden membranes spread wing-like from head to flank, and they moved like wings, balancing expertly the thrust of the flat, powerful tails.

Flame birds

Found in the mountains near Falga.



Undersea dwellers, webbed fingers and all.


Jekkaran Low Canals

An area and city on Mars.

The Belt

The asteroid grouping in the Solar System.


Hugh Starke is a criminal on the run, pursued by corporate police as he escapes with the loot. In desperation he flees in his ship over a dangerous mountain range, and blacks out.

He awakens in the clutches of Rann, a woman who has the power to transfer his mind into another body, to use as her agent against the Outland Rovers. When in the Rover citadel of Crom Dhu he is treated badly, as he is in the body of Conan, Beudag's ex-lover and a traitor who led them into a naval ambush. This has led to the situation they are in now, under siege. Faolan is blind, and Beudag has been leading the defense.

Starke manages to convince them he is not Conan, but Rann's mental hold on him is still strong, as he tries to resist it. This leads to Beudag's capture amd use as a hostage. Starke heads under the Red Sea, looking for help against Rann. Which he finds in an army of betrayed dead men, and the sea-shepherd's Source. Time for some payback.

5 out of 5

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