Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sword Of Rhiannon - Leigh Brackett

Sea-Kings of Mars (1949) - Leigh Brackett

Magazine Appearances:
Sea-Kings of Mars (Complete Novel) (1949) - Leigh Brackett
The Sword of Rhiannon (Complete Novel) (1956) - Leigh Brackett

Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1949, (Jun 1949, Sam Merwin, Jr., Standard Magazines, Inc., $0.25, 164pp, Pulp, magazine) - [VERIFIED]
The Sword of Rhiannon / Conan the Conqueror, (1953, Leigh Brackett, Robert E. Howard, Ace Double, #D-36, $0.35, 187+131pp, dos, omni) Cover: Norman Saunders , Schultz - [VERIFIED]
The Sword of Rhiannon, (1955, Leigh Brackett, T. V. Boardman, 9/6, 207pp, hc)
I Romanzi di Urania #131, (Aug 1956, Giorgio Monicelli, Mondadori (Italy), #131, 130 Lit, 128pp, Digest, magazine) Cover: Curt Caesar - [VERIFIED]
The Sword of Rhiannon, (1967, Leigh Brackett, Ace, #F-422, $0.40, 128pp, pb) Cover: John Schoenherr - [VERIFIED]
The Sword of Rhiannon, (Aug 1975, Leigh Brackett, Ace, #79141, $1.25, 141pp, pb) - [VERIFIED]
The Sword of Rhiannon, (Jun 1979, Leigh Brackett, Gregg Press, 0-8398-2522-6, $9.95, xiii+131pp, hc)
The Sword of Rhiannon, (Nov 1980, Leigh Brackett, Ace, 0-441-79142-5, $1.95, 141pp, pb)
Divide and Rule / The Sword of Rhiannon, (Jan 1990, L. Sprague de Camp, Leigh Brackett, Tor Double, 0-812-50362-7, $3.50, 94+136pp, pb dos-a-dos, anth) Cover: A. C. Farley and N. Taylor Blanchard - [VERIFIED]
Sea Kings of Mars, (Jul 2005, Leigh Brackett, Gollancz / Orion, 0-575-07689-5, £9.99, xii+653pp, tp, coll) Cover: Les Edwards - [VERIFIED]

Variant title of Sea-Kings of Mars novel.

4.5 out of 5

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