Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Astellarians - G. W. Thomas

"SOURCE: "The Veil of Astellar" by Leigh Brackett (Planet Stories, Spring 1944)

DESCRIPTION: "...Physically she was close enough to humanity. The differences in structure were none more subtle than mere shape. They were--well, they were right, and exotic, and beautiful in a way there aren't any words for. She, ad her race, had no need of clothing. Their lazy, sinuous bodies had a fleecy covering that wasn't fur or feathers or tendrils but something of all three. They had no true color. They changed according to light, in an endless spectrum of loveliness that went far beyond the range you humans know..." ("The Veil of Astellar" by Leigh Brackett)

NOTES: The race of Astellar came from another dimension or galaxy to prey upon humanity. They take humans with mind-control and suck out their living essense with the Veil of Astellar, a cloud generated by x-crystals. This life-force allows them to be immortal unless killed. Using their psychic powers they can travel through dimensions, wearing other beings bodies, experiencing their lives. Five humans were allowed to become Astellarians, acting as Judas goats, leading humans to the harvest. The Astellarians were destroyed when the Veil was sabotaged by one of these humans.

HISTORY: Brackett was obsessed with the theme of rays generated by a crystal or being that kill, mutant or change humans. She used it in "The Beast-Jewel of Mars", The Big Jump and "The Jewel of Bas" as well."

4 out of 5

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