Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Transuranae - G. W. Thomas

"SOURCE: The Big Jump by Leigh Brackett (Space Stories February 1953 )

DESCRIPTION: "In a cloud they came, whirling upward through the white aurora. And they were whiter; they were pure with primal radiance, and their raying arms were like the misty nebulae. Soaring they came, carried up on the waves of fire, and they paled it. Laughing they came, ad their laughter was the laughter of young things fresh and new from the hand of God, not knowing any darkness...The laughter was soundless, but it was there. It was in the way they moved and shone and gave forth...(The Big Jump by Leigh Brackett)

NOTES: The Transuranae are beings made of primal energy. They give off radiation which infuses humans with a strange energy, even moving the body in death. The effect is addictive, undeniable. The Transuranae live on the second planet in the system of Barnard's Star."

4 out of 5

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  1. For some reason this story has stayed with me for nearly 60 years---it is one of the early science fiction stories, like Forbidden Planet, that I have read and re-read numerous times.