Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Vampire's Ghost - Leigh Brackett and John K. Butler

An almost horror movie if you like. Set in a town called Bakunda, in Africa. Multiple deaths of locals have happened, all with puncture marks in the neck.

The outsider in town is a gin-joint owning gambler complete with exotic accented dancer in tow.

Being Africa, got to have a safari - through cheesy sets - and said gin-joint owner tags along. Shootings, traps, and putting people in your power. All that sort of thing. Of course, the bloke he is safari with has a woman of interest (and a not very quick on the uptake variety, being the last of them to defend the vampire).

Hypnotised one, bumps off some more, has plans to vampirise the women - but promptly forgets about his dancer and moves on to other ritual plans.

Some stalwart locals know what the score is, and Phantom fans would be pleased with their jungle telegraph - the drums being the best bit of a cheesy movie with no acting talent. The vampire is around 400 years old, too, he says. Fortunately it is only about an hour long.

Interestingly the vampire can actually wander around whenever he wants - but bright direct light he is not a fan of. Shady jungle not so bad, it appears.

1.5 out of 5

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