Sunday, October 17, 2010

Far far away in Kinsman - John Goodall

"''I'll probably say that we're here to honor you for the contributions you may not know that you've made,'' Sutton said of the couple. ''You've inspired a generation of scientists.''

He pointed out that Hamilton died in 1977 and his wife, a year later.

Other people who might have known something about the pair would be invited to speak during the salute, the organizer said.

A caretaker for the Hamilton residence in Kinsman remembered that the couple once relied on their movie connections for help with a rodent problem, Sutton said.

''They had groundhogs,'' the program director said. ''They had to call John Wayne to find out what kind of gun to use.

''Then Leigh wouldn't let him (the caretaker) shoot the groundhogs because they were so cute,'' Sutton said."

5 out of 5

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