Friday, March 18, 2011

The First Star Wars - Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton

Presumably The Secret of Sinharat and would be much rougher guesses at the Hamilton.

Russian to English translation

Ed. Hamilton, Leigh Brackett

The first star wars

Tallinn: Melor, 1995

Series: Library of foreign forensic and adventure novel

Circulation: 15,000 copies.

ISBN: 5-7979-0412-8, 5-87005-020-0

Type of cover: hard

Pages: 288


Volume 7 *. Overseas action-fantasy.

Compiled by A. Sayapin.

The illustration on the front cover of George Bernard Shaw, on the flyleaf B. Vallejo

Between pages 224 and 225 are four inserts with illustrations by K. Ahilleosa.

Translators, and artists in the publication are not specified.

# Edmond Hamilton. The War of the galaxy (the novel), page 3-144
# Edmond Hamilton. Hammer Valkar (novel), pages 145-218
# Lie bracket. Mystery Sinharata (novel), pages 219-286


The format of the publication is not specified.

Information about the publication available: vikc, darkseed|en|google%20translate

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