Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trojan asteroid base : Retreat To the Stars - Leigh Brackett

In the 40th century. Home to 10,000 Rebels.

"Two thousand years ago. Why couldn't I have been born two thousand years ago?"
* * *

The strangeness of it came over Arno—how Marika could look back to the Twentieth Century as day before darkness, and he as darkness before dawn. In the Twenty-first Century the last Terran rebels had fled to Venus, and from there to Mars, and from there to the state where they were now. The all-encompassing strength of the State had followed them, driving out their heresies, their anarchies, their haphazard individualism.

Now there was peace and system everywhere, except for the hidden plague-spots on the planets and this barren asteroid, which, through him, the Tri-State would soon destroy."

4 out of 5

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