Wednesday, March 24, 2010

De-Evolved Humans or the Beasts of Shanga - G. W. Thomas

"SOURCE: "The Beast-Jewel of Mars" by Leigh Brackett (Planet Stories, Winter 1948) and earlier stories

DESCRIPTION:"Shapeless, shambling, hairy brutes, deformed skulls and little red cunning eyes, bared teeth griing yellow. Things that even the anthopologists had never seen or dreamed of. Things that were not human, or ape, nor any form of life that had ever been classified..." ("The Beast-Jewel of Mars" by Leigh Brackett)

NOTES: The Shanga process de-evolves creatures with repeated exposure. The exposure has an addictive effect and is different for each species. Humans need many exposures to de-evolve while Martians do not. The hero sees ape-like creatures all the way to slimy things (see cover)."

4 out of 5

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