Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Flower People - G. W. Thomas

"SOURCE: "The Vanishing Venusians" by Leigh Brackett (Planet Stories, Spring 1944)

DESCRIPTION: "...A slender, exquisite body moved forward from the shadows of the trees. Huge white blossoms gleamed against the curly blue that crowned the head. Luminous eyes glanced up at Harker, full of mockery and a subtle animation..." ("The Vanishing Venusians" by Leigh Brackett)

NOTES: The flower people look human but Harker, the earthman quickly realizes they have no souls, being vain, selfish and murderous. He is treated as a pet. The flower people live on a plateau above the subterranean lake where they trapped the flower hounds. They protect this area with their psychic abilities and control over the environment. They can control birds and plants, start fires with their minds and read thoughts. One of their nastiest weapon in a cloud of spores which consumes flesh. When old or damaged they are exiled to the Dying Place. "

4 out of 5

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