Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back Fourth Draft - Lawrence Kasdan

October 24, 1978.
The Empire Strikes Back.
Fourth Draft by Lawrence Kasdan. Shooting Script.
Source: Bouzereau: p. 123.
A Lawrence Kasdan quote from Starlog # 51 (October 1981): "[When he accepted the Empire assignment, Kasdan was handed a second draft script to work from that George Lucas had written.] George's draft was something that he wrote very quickly, when Leigh passed away. George had the story very well outlined […]"
A Lawrence Kasdan quote from Cinefantastique Vol. 28, No. 28 (February 1997): "What I worked on was a draft of the script George had written, based on the story George had given to Leigh [Brackett]. I don't know what of Leigh's draft survived into the draft George wrote. What George handed me was a very rough first draft, really somewhere between an outline and a first draft. The structure of the story was all there - it was the skeleton for a movie. What was needed was the flesh and the muscle.""

4 out of 5

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