Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eric John Stark Begins - Ryan Harvey

"Stark was the most famous creation of Leigh Brackett (1915–1978), one of the first female authors to break down the gender barriers around science-fiction and fantasy publishing. Brackett was a multi-talented writer who could write not only epic space opera and scientific romances, but also hard-boiled mysteries and Westerns. When the pulp market dried up in the mid-'50s, principally her chief publisher Planet Stories, she entered into the burgeoning world of TV writing. She also wrote a number of screenplays, The Big Sleep (co-written with some guy named William Faulkner), Rio Bravo, and The Long Goodbye. Her last work before her death from cancer (at the too young age of sixty-two) was the first draft screenplay to The Empire Strikes Back, although apparently little of her contributions made it into the final draft."

4 out of 5

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