Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back First Draft - Lawrence Kasdan

February 23, 1978.
Star Wars Sequel, from the Adventures of Luke Skywalker by George Lucas.
First Draft by Leigh Brackett.
Sources: Bouzereau: p. 123; Pollock: p. 226.
A Lawrence Kasdan quote from Starlog # 51 (October 1981): "I only skimmed it [Leigh Brackett's first draft]. It was sort of old fashioned and didn't relate to Star Wars. The characters all had the right names, but her story's spirit was different. […] I'm sure that had Leigh lived, she could have made the changes that George wanted in an excellent way."
A Gary Kurtz quote from Cinefantastique Vol. 28, No. 8 (February 1997): "Leigh had just barely finished her first draft [when she died], up to the two last pages. The pages weren't even typed, but they were done.""

4 out of 5

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